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When you donate to GrabThatFile, you're account will be upgraded to a premium account instantly. This is a one time donation.

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Short incomplete MP3s

What MySpace offers, is what we can offer. If they offer but sound clips of songs, we can't make more of it. If, however, you feel your MP3s are not correct, use the 'try again' button (reprocess) next to the file, to try processing the file again. This will not affect the number of daily downloads you have.

Please do note that the delete button (trash) will only remove the file from your page, not from the server! So, if the file is incomplete, hit the 'Try again' button.


This feature is only available for premium members

Synced with Dropbox

We're experimenting with sending your files straight to your dropbox account! For those of you who don't know Dropbox yet, it's a cool (and free) way to sync your files across multiple computers.

Setting this up, is relatively simple. Once you're logged in, and have upgraded your account to a premium account, you can link your dropbox account to After that has been done, we will automatically send your MP3s to a directory called (of course ;)) so you don't have to even check the website anymore!

This feature is brand new and probably contains some bugs. Nevertheless we encourage you to use it, if only because it's really cool! Your MP3s will also be available through the website, so you can't lose.


Dropbox is cool and all, but so is Check them out while we add support for it too!

KeeWee asked us if we could expand to also work with

This turned out to be easier than expected, so here's a bookmarklet you can use on!

Bookmarklet: Bandcamp downloader

If you don't know what a bookmarklet it, see the Wikipedia article on it.